Your Dev Need Some UX Love?

Does your development project need some UX design love?

Many of our customers—such as Microsoft’s ASP.NET and IIS.NET teams—are engineering centric organizations with little or no user experience (UX) design culture. We help these organizations design emotionally engaging software that’s easy to use, not just pretty. In short, we make technology human so people can discover, create, and get on with life. We do this by …

  • Following a collaborative, human, and iterative design process
  • Leveraging a history of work in technology
  • Balancing research, user empathy, and craft
  • Taking deep dives into business and user needs

Your team will be thrilled to work with our designers. We know how to work with engineers, big teams, and our customers’ internal politics and brownfield systems. It’s all part of the design challenge.

You can even treat us as a skunkworks crew that works with greater autonomy and a lack of bureaucracy not possible within some organizations.


Years our design lead has worked with engineering-centric companies like Microsoft.


Technology platforms and operating systems we’ve designed for.


Years we’ve done contract work with the ASP.NET team at Microsoft.


Benefit you gain by working with a tech geeked design team.

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Some Case Studies

We’ve worked with Microsoft’s ASP.NET team for years – on product UX, demos, Windows code and more.


ASP.NET needed a redesign. Too much data that wasn’t well-organized or easily accessible.


We reworked the IA to make it easier for different users to quickly find the content they need. We also sliced and optimized the site’s HTML/CSS, increased the speed of the site, and collaborated with the dev team to reduce HTTP requests from close to 40, to under 20.



We worked closely with Superpages on an intensive 8-month project.


While there are design teams at Superpages, they didn’t have the time or skill set to design the apps needed to reach and interact with customers on mobile devices.


We worked closely with Superpages to strategize, design, user test, develop, and iterate their mobile strategy from conception to the launch of multiple iPhone Android apps.

rainmaker systems

Rainmaker Systems

We worked very closely with renound global e-commerce company Rainmaker Systems


Rainmaker’s internal design and development team didn’t have the resources to timely create the custom e-commerce sites required to onboard new customers.


We worked closely with the internal Rainmaker team to design and develop custom e-commerce experiences for their customers and allow Rainmaker to close deals and continue to onboard new customers.

microsoft powerpoint 2010

Microsoft Office (PowerPoint)

We redesigned the core animation concepts of PowerPoint in Office 2003


To compete with emergent products that offer more robust animation features PowerPoint needed to revamp its animation system.


We lobbied for and successfully won the opportunity to redesign the capabilities of the Powerpoint animation engine. We then used the new animation engine to produce a suite or 40 new animation effects.



We revised a handful of existing adverts based on industry knowledge and experience. We worked within the ad unit constraints (size, placement etc.) and publisher requirements to apply a fresh look and feel to each, often blending the styling of the ads with that of the publisher site. This provided a more seamless flow between the ads and the publishers editorial site content.


Marchex needed to have existing advertisements reworked to have a more updated feel as well as increase click through rates for their various publishers.


Our efforts resulted in a 25% sustained increased in CTR from our new ad unit design.

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